Here Comes The Flood

Excellence Award in the 'The Text Generation 2014' competition

I started off having a great day. The sun was out, not a cloud in sight. I was sitting calmly and flowing gently. Out of nowhere, the rain came. It was only a pitter-patter at first but as every minute went by the rain got louder and faster. I wondered if it would ever stop! I started rising. The rain got harder and harder and I got higher and higher. I started getting worried. I couldn’t get any higher so I thought I should swoosh down the empty street. That would give me enough room and I couldn’t see anyone down the lonely street so… SWOOSH!

I knocked over a few trees but I didn’t think that would matter. Then, I was petrified… I was horrified… this disastrous idea was absolutely stupid! There were five cars in a long line. As I washed down the street, I tried to look at the innocent people driving the cars but it was too late. I smashed into them and as I did that terrible thing, I watched as the lonely street turned busy. I tried to force myself back but as the rain got stronger so did I! I guiltily listened to the screams of young children and shrieks of the elderly people. The rain stopped, it just seemed to stop as if it knew that my punishment was over.

I looked at the damage that I’d done… nothing looked the same… it was like a before and after picture. I wished the rain never came and the sun stayed out. I wished I never chose to come out of my watery home. As I think about this horrible day, I feel as rotten as a junkyard. Why’d I do it? Why’d I do it? Why’d I do it?!?

The One And Only
Flood Trinity


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