Tabbys Adventure

I realized we had not left to go home, and still in the same room as I woke up in. The nice lady placed a plastic collar on around my neck. It was annoying too, as I couldn’t clean myself in appropriate parts. I like to be clean and fluffy everywhere. The humans placed me in a cage and carried me to a big door and place the cage in the back on the seat. The humans sat in the front and one of the humans put their hands on a large wheel and it felt like we were moving. I was scared and told the humans too, but they did not hear me.
The next thing my owners carried my cage into the house, and placed the cage on the floor. The humans then opened my cage. I went out and stretched my back and started to lick, but realized the plastic collar stopped me. It was very hard to scratch too. At least I could scratch other things I guess also, it was great to be home. As the humans sat down to eat off a dish. I was eating my food too. They sat down on their couch and stared at a box with pictures in it. They seemed to have control of the box too. I drifted to sleep in and out of staring at the box too.
I woke up to find that I was floating on some sort of raft in a lot of water. “How did I get out here?” I thought to myself. There was lots of water coming from the sky too. I didn’t like getting wet. I also noticed the plastic collar was off me too. It was very strange. I noticed the boat was getting closer to land. I jumped from the raft to the land. The water from the sky had finally stopped, I tried to lick myself dry but that was useless. I just gave my whole body a shake; I had seen the next door neighbour’s dog doing it lots of times. Anyway I started to walk around and noticed another human yelling out.
“This is amazing, I have got to put this animal on the deadly 60.”
‘What a crazy human,’ I thought to myself. I then laid myself down to have a little nap then I woke up feeling very cold. I was sleeping on crushed ice. I then found myself talking to a funny creature.
“Hi little one you are so cute, my name is Olaf. Can you be my friend?
I introduced myself as Tabby then we both started to sing:
‘Bees that buzz pitiful dandelion fuzz and I’ll be doing whatever snow does in the sum...mer. a drink in my hand my snow begins the burning sand probably getting gorgeously tanned in sum..mer…
We could have sung all day and night it is such a catchy tune. I then found myself waking up inside my house; my owner was staring at the box. I just looked at her and started to have a cat nap.