At 11.30pm a girl named Katrina was texting her friend Nikila. She was the same age as her, 13 and goes to the same school. Katrina was talking about halloween and that it was in two days. Nikila asked Katrina what she was going to wear. Katrina said she would wear a Cleopatra costume and her little brother Sheldon who is 11, was going to wear a vampires outfit. Nikila texed back and said she was going to dress up as madusia.
The next day katrina, Nikila and Gorgeia got asked to set up the halloween disco. It as going to be held tommorrow night instead of tonight. Georgeia is a posh girl that likes to tell everyone what to do. Gorgeia told Nikila and katrina what to do. Katrina grabbed the pumkins, the knife and cut out faces. Nikila got the other things and started to set them up but as they were just about to finish Mr Fruit said it was not good enough so they had to change it all around.
The next day it was sunny and bright, the birds were singing when suddenly Katrina woke up and got dressed to go get breakfast and go see Nikila. Katrina put on her leggings with a skirt over it. She also put on her favourite shirt and then had breakfast. She had toast but the toaster did not work and her banana was rotten. She didn’t eat it. She walked out the door the newspaper hit her in the face. Then suddenly she nearly got hit by a car, nearly fell in the mud and then it started raining cats and dogs. What a day it was going to be.
Katrina finally made it to Nikilas house. Nikila was having the best time of her life trying on her costume. Katrina clapped with joy and excitment. Ten hours later Nikila brought her costume over to Katrionas house. They put on their costumes and grabbed Sheldon dressed as the vampire, and walked to the nearest house. The house number was 201Chicken Street. They knocked on the door and a witch came out (it was only Mrs Kennel). She gave Katrina, Sheldon and Nikila some candy. Then suddenly two mummies walked up to them, froze Mrs Kennel and took Katrina to a boat but this wasn't a normal boat, it was made from wood and sticks.
The next day Katrina woke up and she saw that she was in a mummytyser but she broke out and grabbed a mummy and tried to kill him. The other mummy bowed and said 'goodbye cleopatra'. Katrina thought for a while thiinking why they called her cleopatra. But then Nikila came running in, grabbed Katrina and ran out the door. They soon found out they were on an island. They saw Sheldon sitting on a boat, they jumped in with him and started floating down the river. They came to an aeroplane so they jumped in and flew back home. But they landed in Africa which is on the other side of the country.


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