Kayla's Story

‘Brriiiiiinnng’ I jumped as the bell to third period had rung. All recess, my friend Alisa was going on about how fantastic her holidays were going to be. All I could think about was "why won't Michael and Rose tell me about my birth parents?" At the end of recess I had to leave school because Rose said that it was important.
Last night I dreamt that I was a wolf in the forest, scared and alone. Suddenly three wolves started to walk towards me. This morning when I woke there were little lumps on my head as if ears where meant to be there. I ran and told Rose.
Michael and Rose then told me that when I was one, my birth parents dropped me at their house and ran off. Michael and Rose loved me in an instant. We live in a single storey house in Edmonton, Canada. It’s been 15 years and no sign of my birth parents.
As I entered my homeroom, all I could smell was really strong perfume and hairspray. Miss Darwin always wore perfume. She has got her eye on the history teacher, Mr Midway, who never seems to notice her. For some reason the smell was way stronger then I remember.
While packing my bag, I found a note on it, which said ‘Goodbye Kayla’. I ignored it, left the room to go to the front desk and signed out.
When I entered the house everything was quiet, like something was wrong. I walked down the hall to my room. “Rose!” I yelled out. When I entered my room, I felt my body tingle. Just after I closed my bedroom door I heard big footsteps walking to my room. I opened my door and saw the police in the hallway and slammed the door. As I hid in my cupboard, I knew this wouldn't be good. Just as soon as I closed my cupboard door, my hands started to form into paws and my knees started to bend the other way. I felt hair grow on my body and the hair on my head shrink and then they smashed though my bedroom door. Just as that happened I smashed though my cupboard door and looked down, the shattered glass below me revealed something I never imagined. I had transformed into a wolf!
I looked up and saw policemen with guns pointed at me. I saw the window just behind them and started to run. Just before I jumped through it I felt shattering pain in my left thigh but I didn't have time to look back so I jumped through and landed in a bush. I looked up and ran as fast I could.
When I had finally reached the forest behind my house, I looked around me. This reminded me of my dream. But suddenly, I saw three other wolves approach. I recognised them from my dreams. I had finally found my birth parents and my sister, Alexa.



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