Sack Of Potatoes

I am so pumped I am on the bus waiting to prove that I am the fastest kid in school, I came first last time so this will be a piece of cake. When I arrived I saw a woman, wait that is my chemist “Thank you for the cough lollies" I shout at the top of my lungs. She does not hear me, probably because she is half deaf. But she just stared at me. I quickly turned and faced the other way and put my hands in my lap uncomfortably.
When I start the race I know it will be easy. On your marks, get set, go! I feel like I am running so fast but everyone is beating me. I finished dead last. James finished first which was weird because he came last, last time.
When I come home it hits me, the cough lollies. I go up the stairs into my bedroom and jump in my bed thinking, “I got it a witch” I say quietly. I got it, I can fight fire with fire. A chill slivers down my spine, another witch. I know what I have to do. I sneak out the window and set off to find an old red caravan which the kids all talk about at school. I thought this was not a good idea because it was pitch black and I am trying to find a witch. I see the caravan it had stained windows with the rest red, the wheels on it were popped. I knock on the door and I hear an old squeaky voice “Come in.” I push open the door and step on the creaky floor boards scared I will fall through. She stepped out of the darkness and pointed her finger at me “So you have bad luck” she said. “Y-y-yes I say.” She handed a sack to me, I take a peek "Potatoes" I say. “Yes and remember it does not save lives and don’t take more than one a day” she muffled.
That day I feel so tired I packed my bag and I was just about to go then I remembered. I got my potatoes and stuffed one in my mouth. And it worked I don’t feel tired. It worked and then I start dancing around the house and I skip out the front door.
When I make it to school the bell rings ‘What timing was that’ I thought. I walk up to the classroom upstairs. As soon as I come up James asks me “How did you get rid of your bad luck?” "How did you know” I say. “Well you came last” he answered. “A witch gave me a sack of potatoes" I said. “Does it work?" He Replied. “Yes” I say. “Can I have one” he added in. “But you don’t have bad luck and they are only for me” I said. Then he stole one off me, jumped out the window shoved a potato in his mouth then SPLAT!