The Doll

Excellence Award in the 'The Text Generation 2014' competition

“I'll kill her!”
Samantha sat beside her daughter, Lavender, lost in her own dark thoughts. Her picturesque home no longer felt warm and inviting as the unequivocally, inescapable void grew larger and larger. Shaking her violent thoughts away, Samantha helplessly watched her only child cry out her father’s name as tears uncontrollably rolled of her checks onto the doll her father gave her.
Listening to his favourite song, Jason felt extremely relaxed as the cold wind whispered into his peaceful face. Driving with his windows down, it was a flawless night and any sign of havoc was imperceptible. Everything was impeccable until an ultimate roar was unleashed with was louder than the beautiful music that was raised up at full blast.
The screeching sound of wheels screaming was extremely deafening. Jason did not hear the collision between his car and the drunk drivers yet he felt the sudden jolt that caused his head to smash into the steering wheel. Instinctively, Jason reached for his head had felt something warm. Jason presumed what the warm feeling was and looked at his blood drenched hands which confirmed his fear. As Jason felt fainter by the minute, he knew inevitably – he was going to die. He no longer heard the screaming tyres or the singing tunes, all he heard was Lavender’s everyday laughter.
Several days later, Samantha sat restlessly in the courtroom. She kept glancing at the remorseful felon who was repeatedly apologising. However she felt no sympathy for the criminal for she had destroyed her world. The only time Samantha ever saw her daughter smile was when she would tell her doll, Emily, stories about her funny father.