Past Present And Future

Excellence Award in the 'The Text Generation 2014' competition

It’s a warm luminous day. I soar out of bed I scream “Get out of bed it’s time to go to the beach.” On the way to the beach I keep looking out of the window. I see little yellow objects flying through the air. I heavily blink and they go away. By the time we get to the beach I have seen at least a hundred yellow objects.
I bound out of the car and land on the sand. I shriek as the sand burns my feet. I run down to the water which sooths my feet immediately. I sit down and start rubbing my feet when I look to my left and see the boats zooming round the bay.
I look to my right and in the distance I catch a glimpse of a group of little chickens. I get up and start walking towards them. By the time I get to them they have already started talking. My eyes widen as they keep talking.
“I can understand you.”
“Of course you can understand us.”
“But you’re chickens.”
“Of course we’re chickens, now come with us.”
“No.” CHICKENS ATTACK. Noooooooooo they’re firing chickens at me. Every time they hit me they cling to me with their little claws. They bring me to the ground. I start to feel dizzy, I suddenly black out.
When I wake up I see a boat. Something’s carrying me I look down.
“Come on” I say to myself.
There’s about 15 chickens carrying me along. I think to myself ‘What do they want with me’. All of a sudden something strikes the back of my head. The chickens drop me, this is the perfect time to escape. I start to sprint anywhere. I fall to the ground and look behind me. All I can see is dead burnt trees.
I see something peering out of a tree, it looks like an owl. I slowly force myself up. Once I’m up I start to walk towards the owl. Not letting my eyes lose sight of the owl. I step on a stick and it cracks. The owl gets scared and goes back in its hole in the tree. I keep walking, when I reach the tree I poke my head in the hole.
I get transported to Day Dream Island. It’s a warm sunlit day, there’s not a cloud in the sky. I walk over to the hammock and sit down. All of a sudden I see the owl again I walk over to it. This time it’s on a palm tree. I get a shock. I start to think I’ve been here before. I get a weird headache, I start to see double. I fall to the ground and see pictures of when I’ve been here then it hits me. I came here with my sister and my mum, I start to come back. Someone comes over to me and starts yelling for help. The person says to me “It’s going to be alright, you hit your head.”

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