A Holiday Confusion

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'The Write Track 2015' competition

“I woke with a start, viciously biting my pillow. I realised I was insanely thirsty! But when I saw the time, I knew my long lasting thirst could wait. As I tried to dramatically eat and get dressed at the same time, I realised it’s not as easy as it looks… On the outside I looked like a spazzing walrus. But on the inside, I looked like a normal school boy whom is wondering why his Mother didn’t wake him up. I stumble into the kitchen and see an empty lunchbox awaiting me. Without a word, I snatch my Mum’s purse and scurry to my bag. Shoving everything into my bag, I fly down the stairs like Sally Pearson and straight into the front door-literally. After 3 minutes and 20 seconds exactly of recovery time from the door’s attack, I finally get to my feet and yank open the door. Only, it didn’t open. I sprint lazily to the stand that holds all the keys. All 95 separate key rings with 6 keys on each. I search anxiously and when I finally find the key on the table, I run straight back to the door. Fumbling like crazy, I fit the key into the keyhole and actually open the door! I briefly glance at my Hello Kitty watch-I can explain! It was for my sister but I needed one for school so, save money?7:58! I have 2 minutes until the bus arrives! Without bothering to lock up, I flop- to say the least- down the street and into the vandalized bus shelter. Sitting under my usual spot, under the pink flower, I hum the tune to an irritating song stuck in my head like unwanted gum stuck on the bottom of your shoes. “Haters gonna hate… Ugh. I will kill my sister when I get home! As time goes by, I start to wonder. 7:01, 7:02, 7:03. Something wasn’t right. Looking down at my orange Nike sneakers- like I usually do when I’m confused, I realise they aren’t there. Instead, I’m greeted with my pink bunny rabbit slippers! Quickly running back to my house, my face as red as a tomato, I run into the door-again 3 minutes 20 seconds recovery time, and grab my shoes. I search eagerly through my sock drawer for some socks. None. The only ones I can find are my sister’s frilly Peppa Pig socks. That’s great. I throw them on and run back to the shelter. I cover my face with my hands like a man who’s in front of the Queen, and try to think peaceful thoughts. Ice cream, chocolate, pudding, tacos, holidays.. Wait, hold up! Grabbing my I-pod and flicking through the calendar curiously, I realise it’s the 21st of January- Summer holidays. Stumbling back home and into bed, I tell myself constantly how stupid I am. I don’t even bother satisfying my itching thirst I’m so ashamed! And that, Mum” I finish “Is why I am not getting out of bed”.


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