Jack And His Best Friend

One Day A Boy Named Jack Was Very Nervous Of His First Day At His New High School,He Didn't Know Anyone,But On That Day He Bumped Into A Man By The Name Of Mr Martin,It Was His First Day Aswell Being A Teacher.Jack Was Very Accommodated To Meet This Person.Later Mr Martin And Jack Helped Eachother With School Work,Homework,Even Make New Friends Around The School.Because Of Mr Martin Helping Him Make Friends And Knowing More Of The School Bit By Bit.. Jack Had Felt Like Saying Thank You To This Wonderful Man By Providing Him A Complementary Dinner With His Family,On That Night Jack Told His Mum And Dad About Him And How Jack Has Learnt A lot Since He Met Mr Martin.So After The Dinner Mr Martin Had Thanked The Family For The Lovely Dinner Aswell As Thanking Jack For His Help.The Next Day At School Jack Was Hyped And Ready To Rock N Roll.But Their Had Been A Text Message From The School To Jacks Parents Saying"Mr Martin Has Been In An Awful Car Accident"So Jacks Mother(Mary) Was Shocked.She Asked Jack To Come Down Stairs.Jack Comes Down The Stairs Wondering What Happened?Mary Told Jack The News And Jack Asked"What? How? and When?Jack Was Devastated!But Jack Decided To Ask His Mum(Mary) If They Could Go To The Hospital To Visit Mr Martin.Mary Says"Alright No Problem Lets Go" Jack And Mary Had Arrived At The Hospital..Asking The Reception "Is Their A Person Named Mr Martin.The Reception Said Yes And Asked"Are You Family Relatives.Jack Said In A Sobbing Tone"Yes We Are His Brother And Mother"So The Reception Said No Problem We Will Let You In.-LATER- They Received News That He Will Be Fine.Jack Was Relieved.Few Weeks Later Mr Martin Was Healing,Very Well,So Jack And Mr Martin Continued Their Work Making School A Good Place


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