Man In The Mist

There once was a girl who feared the night,
afraid of the dark which ruled over light,
for in the black she saw a man in the mist,
his stare so bold as he blew her a kiss,
She felt the light to be her only safe haven,
the sun was her comfort and the girls maiden.
But who was the man who terrified her in sleep,
He was the man in the mist,
and wanted her to keep.
And so one night as he watched from yonder distance,
the girl fled across the fields in haste persistence,
Down came the rain hemming the river Thames,
a scene to pure to hid such torturous games.
The thud of her feet louder then her screams,
And the look in his eyes still haunts her dreams.
No, not a dream only a morbid and distant memory,
the scares of broken sanity as rich as emery.