Nan's Farm

Excellence Award in the 'The Write Track 2015' competition

Nan's farm
I can see
A huge wide farm, open with land,
Rushing water running down the creek,
Great green grass with tall trees,
And lots of luscious leaves all over the ground.
I can hear
Cows and calves mooing out in the fields,
Bright birds chirping up in the tree tops,
Plump pigs snorting loudly in their sandy pen,
And the wind rustling the racked leaves.
I can feel
The freezing wind brushing against my side,
A happy and harmless land,
The wind whooshing all through my hair,
And freezing cold water turned into ice.
I can smell
The stinky cow poo from the paddocks,
The fresh air from the green trees above me,
The cat food in the kitchen smelling like meat,
And cupcakes cooking in the oven.


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