I wake with the taste of blood in my mouth. I slowly opened my eyes half expecting to be covered all over my dress like I always am but instead this time it is only on my hands. It’s still dark. Thank goodness. I spot a young boy around 8 years old with brown hair lying on his stomach about 5 metres away from me. I rush over to him to inspect the damage I had done to him, as I rolled him onto his back I saw what I had done, I had ripped open his stomach and his intestines were spread out everywhere around him.
The only light that I had was the moonlight so I started to gather up all the pieces, his lungs, liver and heart.
I picked the little boy up bridal style and walked until I found a river. There I filled his stomach up with rocks, took him out to the deepest part of the river and there I laid him on the water. I watched as he sunk. I thought of saying a prayer like I normally would, but I thought not too because everything had changed a couple weeks ago after. I had been walking to the shops when something had run past me and had bitten my arm. At first I thought it was a dog but there was nothing around me, so I kept walking. The next thing I knew, I was on the ground screaming, I was in so much pain, it felt like someone had put hot water on my arm. The pain was so intense that I fainted but there was no one around so no one knew I was there. I then woke up in a dark, gloomy and dusty place. I figured it must be night time since it was so dark. But I could see someone walking towards me; they gave me a cup and said, “Drink,” he had a gruff voice, kind of like an old grumpy mans. I smelt the liquid it smelt like blood.
“Why do you want me to drink this?” I questioned him
“It will make you feel better, and after you have drank it, we can talk.” After he said that, I drank it. It was thick sliding down my throat, it was quite refreshing, I felt much better and I could think straight.
The old grumpy man started to speak, the only words that really got through to me was,
“I am immortal.
I have to kill people.
I have to live of blood.
I am a Vampire.”


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