A Big Green Car Is Chasing Me

A big green car is chasing me
It all started when I was walking down the street and then I saw a big green car. Then I went close to it than the car started coming towards me but really slow so then I ran home Quickly got a sandwich because. I was hungry and then went in to my room then look out the window I do not know why but there was a ramp out the front of our house and then the big green car drove up the ramp and the car crashed into my wall and was inside my room so.

Then I ran outside to the park to hide I looked for a good hiding spot so then I found one and then I quickly went in my hiding spot and saw the car coming. When the car was in the park I was really quite then the car looked somewhere else then I was quickly getting out of the park and ran home and I was thinking of ideas of how to get rid of that car I could put TNT on it but I don’t know where I would get TNT from I could make the car follow me and then I could just stand near the ocean and make the car drive into the ocean so.

Then I got the car to follow me to the ocean and then he tried to drive into me and then I quickly got out of the way and then he drove into the ocean and we all lived happily ever after but maybe not for the big green car because he’s in the middle of the ocean right now.
By Bailey Haigh


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