Brainless Broccoli

Finalist in the 'The Write Track 2015' competition

When Brainless Broccoli was a little boy he was very silly and he didn’t want to go to school. His twin brother Brainy Broccoli thought school was very important but Brainless Broccoli laughed at his brother and thought school was hopeless.
While Brainy Broccoli was doing his homework, Brainless Broccoli and his friends Crazy Carrot and Bad Banana just played with the ball.
Brainless Broccoli got old, and so did Brainy Broccoli. They were going to get married and have baby broccolis. But Brainless Broccoli was very, very worried because he didn’t have a brain. He was worried that maybe his children would have no brains either. So he went to Brainy Broccoli’s house and said “take me to school, I need to find my brain.” “Yes I will” said Brainy Broccoli.
So Brainless Broccoli went to school and learned maths and writing and he found his brain. The brothers read lots and lots of books and got smarter and smarter.
Brainy Broccoli and his brother married Belinda Broccoli and Bella Broccoli and they were smart too. Soon they had a whole family of brainy broccolis.