Harry The Hedgehog And The Giant Squid Attack!

We slowly glided through the water as bubbles floated out of our mouths to the surface. There are fish of many colours – blue, green, purple, red and orange, swimming around us. The rainbow coral are swaying underneath us. We turn around to swim back to our big, yellow submarine to take us back home when we hear SLURP, SLURP, SLURP! The paint is being sucked off our submarine. Our transport home is under attack by a Giant Squid.
Gary, my son, has an idea. Slowly, quietly and carefully he reaches into his backpack and reaches for some food. He waves the food in front of the Giant Squid’s face and quickly tosses it on the ground, and he swims as fast as he can, dragging, me, Harry the Hedgehog, behind him. The Giant Squid just misses us as he scrambles for the food.
With all our might, we swim to the submarine. We slam the door behind us and start the engine. The Giant Squid suddenly turns and sees the submarine moving and starts to chase us. Gary quickly fills the exhaust pipe with food from the fridge and shoots it at the Giant Squid. The Squids mouth was open and he chokes on it.
We make the submarine go faster and we go home. We are safe.


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