Lady At The Door

"Anyone in there? A package for the birthday girl!", came a voice all of a sudden. Everyone turned around and stared at the empty corner where the wooden door was. The rowdy, noisy room became silent. KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK! The door rattled heavier this time. Rani stood up and walked towards the door...
"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Rani! Happy Birthday to you!" Rani's friends all chorused the song together. They clapped loudly counting to the age she was turning. The lights turned off and Rani blew all the candles until there was no light to be seen. It was Rani's birthday and she had invited all of her friends. There were lots. There was Raven, Lucy, Sophia, Jessica and Molly.
After the lights were turned on, Rani raced the other girls to her bedrooms. She decided to open up the presents that were desperate to be shined in the gleaming, bright sunlight. She carefully tore off the wrapping paper and threw it aside. Then, she looked at the present and read the card. Rani got many wonderful gifts from her friends.
As the children went to the dinner table to have some fruit, a knock was heard at the door.
"Hello? Anyone in there? A birthday present for the birthday girl!" Everyone stopped and stared. Rani reluctantly walked to the door and opened it. Outside was a lady holding a wrapped present. She handed it to Rani. What is it?, thought Rani. She opened it messily and inside was 3 small ice-cream containers. They were cold too. She knew that there was going to be ice-cream inside. Happily, she thanked the lady. In an instance, the lady ran off in a hurry.
Rani ran inside the house to show her friends. Desperate to try some ice-cream and see the flavours, the children opened up the containers. They screamed. The inside disgusted them. One was frozen worms, another was frozen beetles and the last container was frozen grasshoppers. They disgustingly threw the containers outside.

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