A Bad Day At The Zoo

Once upon a time there was a man named Jim, he didn't know much and he loved lions. One day he decided to go to the zoo. When he arrived he went to the monkeys. He saw a monkey having a banana, so he had had one. He didn't realize that a monkey was staring at him, when he looked back up at the monkeys, he got a big surprise he even fell over. A monkey was hanging onto the net/roof and had neary gave Jim a heart attack, so he decided to go to the tigers when he got there he saw an old friend, his name was Bill. He was dumb like Jim and he also loved Lions they spent all day together. At the end of the day they decided to go to the Lions. They were so excited and then they realized the Lions were having some food, Jim didn't like watching them eat he stuck his head through the gate and said hey you stupid Lions stop eating and start fighting. One Lion heard him an went over to Jim, Jim couldn’t' t pull his head it was stuck ,so the Lion bit his head off.


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