Journal entry 5 2025 august 25th
I don’t think I’ve made the right choice here I thought joining the army. it’s horrible we sleep in tunnels hoping the enemy don’t slit our throat as we sleep. I’m on the front lines I watch men and woman drop dead or drop screaming in pain. I just hope the war ends soon.

Journal entry 6 August 26th

Today I lost harry I’m just glad he didn’t die in pain I wonder if there is a after life and I hope whoever finds this if I die they give it to my family my sister is gonna be horrified if I don’t return.

Journal entry 7 August 27th
I’m regretting joining the army even more I lost Charlie today we tried to take the outpost on the hill we got there but lost about 100 men I was taken back to the odiccius our ship I called Chalies sister told her she wanted to know how he died I told her that sadly he died a quick death.

Journal entry 8 September 3rd

I’ve not been able to write as my squad was captured and taken for interrogation I lost my last friend jack he had the worst death kneecaps blown out and throat cut. I’m writing now why enemies are running over our lines killing hundreds of men I fear these might be the last moments of my life.