Falling For My Target

My name is Jennifer and I'm an assassin. I know that this job sounds harsh but I've been doing it since I was 8. My parents were both great assassins but they were eventually killed; my next target is the son of the man who ordered for my parents to be killed and stole my chance at a normal life.
I'm now 16 and studying in a school for young assassins, I'm at the top of every class and the only student under 21 who has been given a legit assignment. My 2 best (and only) friends were waiting for me. Katie was tall and thin, her blonde hair spilled gracefully down her back and her gleaming blue eyes made her look harmless and friendly. Jack is my other friend, he's tall and very muscular, his hair is short and brown and his eyes are hazel.
I look quiet innocent and helpless, that gives me an advantage with my assignments. My hair is long and brown and my eyes are a spectacular ocean blue with yellow lightning- like flecks in them. I'm short and look quite weak but I can take down a grown man with no problems. I'm a deadly weapon.
Today I have preparation for my next assignment. I need to go to a new school in Canberra and befriend Logan Smith; his father is William Smith, the man who had my parents killed. Most people wonder why Logan is the target rather than William, but I think its quiet clear, this kill is to hit home and hurt William the same way he hurt my community and I.
1 day later:
I spotted Logan walking down the hall, his eyes were emerald green and he was tall with tousled blonde hair. I walked into Logan as he approached and knocked his books to the ground “I'm so sorry!” I said as I picked my books back up and continued to walk. As I walked away Logan grabbed my arm “bingo” I thought smugly to myself. “Wait, I haven't seen you around before. Are you new?” Logan asked his voice soft and confident, ugh rich boys. I shyly nodded and Logan continued to talk, “look, I'm having a party this weekend and I'd love for you to come” “um, sure.” I answered shyly. Logan scribbled down the address and his number then he was on his way.
I walked into a grand mansion and gasped, there were sweeping marble floors and grand pillars everywhere, it was beautiful. Logan walked up to me and introduced me to some people, they all seemed bland and boring all money and falseness, no personality or variety. I smiled politely and excused myself to go look around the house and Logan followed. I walked into an empty room and closed the door behind Logan preparing to carry out my task. “I know who you are Jennifer, I remember you” I sighed and fought back tears, Logan and I were friends when we were younger, until I found out what his father did. Logan and I had even promised to marry each other and we had matching necklaces, I still wore mine. I didn't want to kill Logan but your work was your work, I still loved him though. “Jen, please just listen to me. I know you're mad about what my father did and I'm truly sorry, but it wasn't my fault. I know you were assigned to kill me but please take me back with you, I can't stand my father a second longer.” In the end I told Logan I'd think about it but I still don't know, my heart says yes but my mind says no and I've always been taught head over heart. I'm just going to trust my instincts and see what happens.


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