“These are the tapes of Daniel G. Baldonado, archaeologist, on loan from the American government. Date, 8/17/1986. Time, 9:47 PM. Day 9.
When I first arrived at the site that we were stationed at, many of the colleagues with me were extremely hesitant to enter. Now I, (ahem), begin to understand why. I don’t know if these tapes will be discovered or not, but, if they are discovered and in operable condition, to whoever is listening, I must warn you.
We’re not the only ones colonising this planet. I was called to South America by the Archaeology Research Department in Brazil, to help uncover a recently discovered temple, buried beneath the undergrowth surrounding the Amazon River. According to the department, the temple was estimated to have been originally built at least 800,000 years ago. This information troubled me, due to the large absence of human activity there, modern human activity anyway. I tried to get some more explanation out of the people in charge of this operation, but all I got were deep scowls and mean looks (faint crash) what- (faint heavy breathing) it’s coming, it’s coming, I need to- no, it’s not real, it’s not real (clears throat).
We arrived at the site on the 11th of August. I was one of 15 researchers, experts and archaeologists who had been called to investigate and explore these ruins. At around 11:45 AM, we entered the structure with food, water, torches, journals and other miscellaneous items. We were also given rifles and handguns for self-defence. (Slow faint thuds) I have to make this short. It’ll be here any moment (swallows).
After we had lowered the last of the equipment and personnel into the structure, we separated ourselves into three different groups, supplied as evenly as possible and began to explore the tunnels and corridors that made up the majority of the temple. As time went on, things started to become, interesting. (Stone grinding on stone, followed by growling) No, no, stay back, stay back! (Scuffles, ending in gunshots) They’ll come, they all know I’m here.
To whoever finds these tapes, I warn you. There is someone else, some, thing, else on our planet. Ever since day one, things weren't right. We began to hear whispers, breathing, snarling, screaming. Some of us started to hallucinate and go missing, only to be found dead some time later, strangled or beheaded, even torn to shreds, each time with bloody words next to them, ‘IT’S NOT REAL’. (Large howl.) NO! You’re not real, you’re not real, you are not real! (Static begins to muffle words) NO! I MUSTN'T GIVE IN! I MUSTN'T GIVE IN TO THE INSANITY THAT IS MY MIND.” (Static, then click).


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