‘I know you’re angry, mate. Just let me explain. I didn’t kill her…’
20-Year-old Casey stood on the beach, a piece of paper between his hands. Thoughts of his parents talking, laughing, yelling… thoughts of them crossed his mind. 12 years ago, his mother was killed. Police found his father’s fingerprints on the murder weapon and was sent to 20 years of prison, non-parole. Casey never saw him ever since.
A young girl, Amy, strolled over to him.
“You still fretting over that letter?” There was all silence apart from the lapping water splashing on the golden sand. Casey held out his hand and passed the letter to Amy to read. She skimmed through it.
“I know you’re angry but he’s still your dad. Bet he misses you,” He looked away. They’d known each other for 7 years. Met in an adoption centre and been friends ever since. She’s the only person he’s ever trusted.
“Have you ever considered that he might be innocent?” Innocent. The word rang in his ears. ‘I find the defendant guilty!’
“He killed her, get that into your head. He’s just like your mum, a murderer!” He said ignorantly. As he turned around to leave, Amy grabbed his arm.
“Imagine being in his shoes. His only son doesn’t trust him. I know you’re angry but don’t take it out on me!”
“What’s your problem?! He’s the murderer, not me! You should be taking my side!” he scoffed.
“Your side?!” Amy gave him a hard push in the chest that sent him back at least a metre. “He’s your father and you turned your back on him! Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and go see him!” He watched her storm off the beach in anger.

After Amy left, Casey considered what she’d said. It was time he visited his father and hear what he had to say.
When he reached the prison, a prison guard ushered him towards the visiting area, where a balding man sat with a huge grin from ear to ear.
As they talked, Casey began to doubt himself. Maybe he wasn’t a murderer after all. They discussed the problem at hand, his dad confessing that the man who stabbed him was also the same person that killed his mum. It was his best friend.
“She cheated on him with me. Guess he still held a grudge.”
They continued to get to know each other again. It was the most and the best time they’d spent together in years.

The next day, Casey met Amy at the beach.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. After you left, I went to see him. We talked and he explained everything to me. It wasn’t him,” He turned around to face her. “Thanks for always standing by me, even when I act like a jerk. Forgive me?”
Amy gazed into his blue eyes and a small sparkle appeared. She smiled and punched him in the arm before sprinting away. “Tag, you’re it!” she laughed.