M!ya's Diary

16th March, Monday 2015
Dear Diary,
My mum keeps on saying that my handwriting is not neat, its ugly, but I love it! I tell my mum I'm not interested in handwriting or school, can't this ever happen that there is no school, oh! I forgot to tell you, today was the best day! Because I didn't go to school, I didn't need to do homework, writing or any school work,(cough)(cough) I forgot to tell you why I didn't go to school, I was sick, (achoo) (cough)today was a maths test, phew! I was sick, (because I’m really bad at maths!) My parents don't know about the test, or else they would force me to go school, they would think that I am acting because I don't want to do the test, but that is wrong, I sometimes do act but not today, today I was really sick. I want to tell you the real part, (coughing) actually I got chicken pox too. So I’m not allowed to go to school until I get well, of course! I don’t know why today, I am saying idiotic stuff? Everyone knows that you can’t go to school until you get well, but the bad news is that I can’t go out of the house or meet my friends. I am totally freaked out, like seriously, why can’t I meet my friends? That’s not fair! Now you’ll think that today is going to finish in a happy ending, but people this is our real life, not a bedtime story! So let’s continue, you know what? I’m not allowed to get out of bed, seriously this is more boring than school! All I can do is eat, chat with my friends on viber or skype them, they were totally upset,(achoo) but they thought it was a little funny because my face looked ugly, I knew that from their faces, but they didn’t mention it, they knew that I wouldn’t like it. They are really kind! OK so I’ll write to you tomorrow. Xoxo! M!ya! Bye!