Fairies In My Garden

Excellence Award in the 'The Write Track 2015' competition

The Fairy’s In My Garden
If you believe in fairy’s you’re not crazy?
Just wait till you see my garden it’s full of magical and mysterious fairy’s.

It’s my birthday tonight wait what a rude way to start a story. My name is Olivia I live in a faraway town called Fairy Town, it’s got magic, that’s if you believe in it. So tonight is my birthday. I’m so excited. I’m so excited because we’re having it outside near the fairy garden. Mum said” Olivia we can’t have your party outside because there is a storm coming”. But mu-um what about the fairies. It’s the queen’s wedding she’s marrying the king.
She wants me to be there and see her’’.NO you’re NOT going outside”. Said mum firmly. So that cold wet night the party was
Inside MY house in the dining room .After the party we went to bed”. Mum “I said” the storm looks dark, dangers and Yuk the fairies are scared outside”. They will be okay” mum said. So when I got up that morning I ran outside in my gumboots and opened up the bush and saw the king and queen on the garden floor the queen was DEAD she died last night because of the storm the king was crying he had done everything for her
There’s nothing to do its going to be so hard to tell the rest of the fairy kingdom. He needs the queen’s love, he loves her so much. The other fairies came to a stop. It went silent nothing to be heard or seen. Then the slug doctor came from the ground the king said “she died last night she was wishing on something I heard it all she said that she wants Olivia’s mum to be the queen” so I ran In and told mum. She was so happy she had tears streaming down her face. I grabbed her hand and ran with her outside and that night we were fairies. I was so happy, because our house got sold later that week and the next day the people that lived here now are so friendly. They have a little girl named Melissa and a mum and a dad. Then mum said “don’t tell them let them explore and let them have their own adventure”.
THE END!!!!! Emily G



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