Lara And The Old Tree

One day there was girl named Lara and her best friend Angelik, a tree. One day they found a portal in the woods. They got sucked into the portal and into a magical world. In the world there were two mushrooms. One was named Owen and the other was named Adam. They were the meanest nastiest mushrooms in the entire universe. They saw Lara and Angelik and they tried to block the girls way by making plastic portals and robots that looked like Owen and Adam. Lara and Angelink tried going in one portal but it was plastic, so was the second and the third portals. But then, 24 more portals came from Owens office. Lara and Angelik tried going another way but it was useless. There was no other way but the portal. Lara and Angelik found a small tiny door with a key; they opened the door and went inside. They saw an office, which was Owens work place. They climbed the stairs up to the top room and Owen was working in his office where he was planning to destroy Lara and Angelik. Owen saw Lara and Angelik and his plan fell into place - to destroy them. But Lara and Angelik knew what Owen was planning and he didn’t know that.
Owen tried to block their way and called his friend Adam. Adam jumped in along with his robots that looked exactly the same as Owen and Adam. The girls didn’t know which one was the real Owen and Adam. Lara tried getting some leaves off the top of Angelik’s branches; their plan was to try and get Owen and Adam to fall on the ground so they could try and escape without Adam and Owen trying to stop them. But it did not work, the girls tried to jump on Owen and Adam to see which ones were robots and which ones were real. It worked! They found the portal and jumped through and landed back home. They lived happily ever after.
The End.

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