War will tear even the best of people apart. No one comes out of it the same. I wish I’d been a farmer, like the rest of my family. Instead, I’d gone to university to study chemistry, and got conscripted. Now I’m here, trying to liberate Jamestown with a bunch of other young men. I may be the best shot with a pistol in my division, but that doesn’t mean I want to be in the army.

The general keeps shouting at us to prepare for battle. I grab my two pistols, pull on my uniform, grab my helmet and board the nearest helicopter. It takes off after a few more men climb aboard. I grab a parachute and strap it on as the helicopter takes off. After a few minutes of flying, we’re above the drop zone. I check the straps of my parachute when I suddenly hear gun shots. Anti aircraft guns are firing at our helicopter. I jump out of the helicopter just as a bullet hits it and it explodes into flames midair. I plummet to the ground, hoping that I make it in one piece.

I open my parachute around 500 metres from the ground. I land in the thick of a bloody battle. I pull out my two guns and run in with my troops. I shoot people without hesitation, and dodge bullets with superhuman speed. I run into the enemies ranks, hoping to divide them. It backfires. I am shot in the stomach and I go flying into a ditch on the side of the battlefield. I watch the battle rage on. I watch men fall around me. I hear their sickening screams. Then, I see a man lying 5 metres away from me. I pull myself over to him with every bit of strength. He has pain in his eyes. I smile at him and he says, “Hello. I’m Ian.” I smile and introduce myself. “I’m Bryan.” I say. I look at his uniform. He’s one of the enemies. But he’s still human. Just like I am. I grab his hand and I smile at him. He smiles back. “How old are you?” I ask Ian. “23” he replies. A sad grin crosses my face. That’s even younger than I am, I think to myself. “We’re gonna make it Ian,” I tell him. Ian starts to cry, and so do I.

I see my life flashing before my eyes. I see my parents, my brother, my friends, and everything that I’ve ever loved. I think about how sad everyone back home will be when they hear the news. I think about my fiancée, and how we’ll never get married. My vision starts to blur. I see Ian’s face, and I say “Until the end.” He smiles and says “Until the end.” My vision darkens and I feel weak. I feel a weightlessness as I slowly drift up into the heavens.