Failure... Again

A long time ago the big bad wolf was married to another wolf; her name was Lucy, the tough. The 3 little pigs had decided to live all together in the big brick house.
One morning, the mother pig had died in her sleep and the three little pigs went to the funeral at the little cottage. When the wolf heard that the mother pig died, the wolves decided to have a go at destroying the pigs a second time.
The wolf decided to make a potion, it was poison but it looked like lemonade. The big bad wolf decided to go to the market where the pigs worked.
There was a very kind lady that gave free lemonade and other soft drinks and the pigs would always go there. The pigs loved lemonade, the big bad wolf told the lady to give the poison to the 3 little pigs. When the 3 little pigs came to the market the lady gave the poison to the 3 little pigs. The poison didn’t affect the pigs.
When they were coming home from work, the wolf came home happily as well because he had got rid of the 3 little pigs. When he saw out the window the 3 pigs walking home happily like always.
The next day, the wolf came to the 3 little pig’s house dressed as a beautiful young girl selling lovely coats and jackets. When the 3 little pigs saw her, they immediately bought a coat each. The wolf dressed as the young girl gave out 3 orange, red and yellow coats.
But little did they know that there was a certain smell that all the pigs were allergic to. The pigs would die if they smelt it. Once the pigs wore the coat the 3 little pigs…..were ALIVE! The nurse at the hospital had already fixed the allergy for all of them already and they lived… happily ever after.

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