Sally The Helpful Girl

Chapter 1

“Sally, come down for a breakfast! “You don’t want to be late for school,” yelled Mom.
“Okay, Mom,” Sally replied.

So she went downstairs and into the kitchen. “What’s for breakfast?” Sally asked. “We have cereals with milk,” Mom answered.
“Yum! It’s my favourite,” Sally relied as she licked a lips.
When she was all done and ready for school, her Mom said goodbye to her. She told her to take care.
“Alright, Mom,” she said in a sweet voice.

Chapter 2

One morning, Sally was off to school when she saw a girl crying. Sally thought what could have happened to her. So she went to the girl and asked, “ What happened?”
“ Oh! A boy pushed me and now my leg hurts and I think it’s fractured,” she replied.
“Do you know who it was?” asked Sally.
“ No,” cried the little girl.
“ It’s alright. Don’t worry. I will inform the teachers about it,” said Sally
“Thank you very much,” said the little girl.
So Sally went to the teacher and explained about what had happened. The teacher informed the parents and called for an ambulance. Meanwhile, they helped the little girl to rest on a bed. The ambulance arrived in a few minutes and took her to the hospital. She was treated and warded for a few days before she was allowed to go home. After she got better, she went back to school and everyone was delighted to see her. She thanked Sally and the teachers who helped her.
She and Sally became good friends from that day onwards.

The End


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