A Blue Bottle Of Adventures

My name is Lola and I’m 13. It’s Thursday, I’m walking on the beach with my dog, Frazer.

Oh look! It’s Tracy my best friend walking her very wet sandy Labrador, Cookie. “HI LOLA!” she shouts running over.

We walk along the sandy beach until both of our dogs start running away with their noses in the air! We run after them until they stop. “OMG! Lola do you know what this is!” she says in a very excited voice.

“It’s a note in a bottle!” I hug Frazer real tight and he starts barking happily. I pick up the bottle in excitement. I get the note out of the bottle and open the note, it says “Hi, I live in Scotland and the year is 1910 thank you for finding the bottle, it has been a dream to me. Please contact me or my daughter When You’ve read all of this. My number is 6980998.

I run up and down the beach excitedly. Tracy tries calming me down and gives me my water bottle. I drink the whole bottle in 1 whole gulp!

We run home real quick, and go straight into my bedroom. We start talking about what to do. “I think we should phone them but not tell them where we live even though we live in ENGLAND” said Tracy smartly.

We phone the number “Hello?”, said a very old calm voice. “Hi, um, I found a bottle on the beach and it said to call this number.” I said firmly. “Oh, well you know what I’m the man’s daughter.” “Oh, well, nice to meet you, I’m Lola and I’m 13” I said proudly. “Ok, well I’m Dorothy and my dad would have loved to meet you but he isn’t with us anymore.” “I’m really sorry about him. Oh and what do I do with the bottle?” I asked a bit scared. “Oh well I suppose you write the next bottle. Call me when it gets found!” she said joyfully and she hung up.

“I guess I have to write another note” I said mysteriously. “Yay! This is gonna be so much fun!” I start writing the note and this is what it looks like “Hi, I’m Lola and I live in England. The year is 2006, September the 7th. Please contact this number when you have read this, 49490086.”

It’s Friday and I’m walking Frazer to the beach with Tracy and Cookie, I have another newer bottle and note in my hand. When we get to the beach I walk up to the cold, sandy water. I throw the bottle as far as I can and watch it sail away into the dark blue ocean and we walk away.

It’s now 2024, 27th of March and I’m now 31. I’m cleaning the kitchen and my phone starts ringing “Hello?” I say firmly. “Hi I found a bottle on the beach and it said to call this number.”
The Very Mysterious End


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