A Battle To Remember

“Time to battle!” Malistare called.
“Ok let’s do it, bring it on!” I cried. Then it started hit, hit, hit. “Ow” I cried. Then again, hit, hit, hit. It seemed like it would go on forever. I kept on healing, he kept on hitting. I kept on hitting he kept on healing. It was an N.E.P.V.P.B. (never ending player versus player battle).

“Dude it’s a N. E.P.V.P.B.!” I explained “It won’t end!”
“Ok, fine, then die!” Malistare ordered
“What! No!” I cried
The battle went on and on and on. “Ok Phoenix, finish this!” I called. Phoenix appeared like a ball of fire, he got ready to attack. Then, BOOM! There was fire and smoke everywhere, I couldn’t see anything. “Malistare are you there?” I waited for an answer. “I… I won!” I stammered “Yes, yes, yes!”

“Hello fellow winner.” Merle said, “You have shown your courage, strength and bravery in defeating Malistare.”
“Wow, thanks Merle!” I was surprized
“By showing this you have become the saviour of Wizard City along as all the other realms” proclaimed Merle. “Including Krocotopia, Marleybone, Grizzleheim, Wysteria, Mooshu, Celestia, Dragon Spyre and many others.” Merle held out his hand, and on it was a badge with “Our Saviour” written on it “You have earn’t this badge very well young wizard.” Said Merle
“Wow, this is so cool!” I called still looking at my badge.
ROAR! It came from over the mountain. Then again, but this time the roar of flames.
“Oh no, I forgot about this!” called Merle. We saw a snake-like head rise up over the mountain, then came a body, two front legs, wings, two back legs and a tail “ROAR!” it called
“Wha-what is that Merle?” I cried
“It’s the king of Dragon Spyre, the prophecy says he will come after the defeating of Malistare!” Merle called.


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