War Hospital In Galipali

I'm laying in my bed, looking up at the ceiling,
I thought of that horrible time.
The temporary hospital was swarming with men,
I herd a bomb, it whirls right past the hospital with rage, it hits the ground and goes off again, and again, and again. My dad lays still in that awful trench, as a mate comes in to tell of his news,That was a sad day for me, that was the day i got the blues. my dad lays still, outside the hospital door, a RIP lays over his berried head.
that night was loud, as pistils flew everywhere,
the bed was uncomfortable as I starred, starred, starred out the window.
the cloth was bleached red, bleached red from his head. my mum went out to get some water, a bomb raged out, it was like a slaughter. but that was then, when my mum was still with me, and my hen lays still, lays still on my bed, i'm glad to be alive, right now i'm free.