The rain thunders down onto the parched dry desert rain has finally came to our parched patch of land I yell with joy rain will make the harvest a success I dance I look at the parched plants as the fresh rain gives their dehydrated leaves a drink thats when I saw a little on the horizon little did I know that little dot was about to end my life.

As he came closer I realized who it was I ran inside and locked all the doors and windows I hear his truck pull into the driveway and then I hear the him pound on the door I can’t he is coming back for me it happened 20 years ago then I hear the door break in and the click of a gun then bang.

Pain shoots up my back and into my neck I can’t die not know I have a wife and three kids then the second shot goes off and hits me in the stomach I feel the life draining out of me and see his face smirking I close my eyes and see her welcoming me her outstretched ready to grab me and hold me forever I take her hold. It’s Mum.

I ask her what will happen to my family she smiles and tells me that they will be alright. And that is all I want