Fairy Floss Is Dangerous

I’ve always wondered what happens when you die…
I have dreams, I have lots of dreams, but the scary thing is that mine can come true. It only happens sometimes but it usually happens to the dreams that you really don't want it to. Well my latest dream wasn’t really that appealing either. It all started when we when we went on a school excursion to a fairy floss factory. Everything was fine until Mrs Ploppety called us over and told us to line up. We then walked past the place where fairy floss was being spun. One by one everyone peered over the side of the bowl. Me being the very curious sort I had to jump up to see, but then as I grabbed on to the edge I was sucked in! I was slowing sinking. ‘Help, help!’ I screamed, I started to suffocate and then everything turned black… Oh please don’t come true! Please don’t come true!
‘Guess what darling?’ says Mum excitedly as I walk into the kitchen
‘Well I’ve now got enough fly buys points to buy a fairy floss maker!’
‘Great,’ I think, ‘just great.’ That afternoon Mum brings home our new fairy floss maker. Mums put some powder stuff in to see if it works. ‘I’m just going over to Jane’s house. I’ll be back soon,’ says mum as she closes the door. I go into my room and start reading on my bed but all of a sudden, the machine starts making funny noises and then, BOOM! The fairy floss explodes and goes everywhere. The machine just makes more and more. Oh no it’s magic fairy floss! It starts to slowly rise up to my ankles, then my knees and stomach. Soon it starts getting hard to breathe and then everything turns black…
I open my eyes, still in the fairy floss but I feel fine. That can only mean one thing, I’m a ghost! Ok, I’m really freaking out. It is just then that I realise I can float, well I guess fly. I then climb up onto the roof and watch the street down below. At least nobody can see me. I hear a scream and it sounds like my mum. Oh no, my body is still down there in the house. That night I sneak back into my house to see them. They are sleeping peacefully. In the morning, I head down stairs and see that I’m on the front page of the newspaper, but also on the bench is a little bottle that is labelled ‘Memory Reset Potion’. That night I take the bottle and give them each a little bit while they are sleeping. Now at least they won’t have to deal with the memory of me…


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