Taken Apart From Life

I was starting to feel like I was being abandoned. My Mother and my Father asked me to stay where I was. I thought it was a surprise but then she told me to get out of the car and turn around; I started to get goose bumps running up my legs and then down my arms. I was then waiting for something to happen or a reply I thought to myself no I couldn't think at all. I suddenly heard a drifting sound of madness I turned around and I gasped and said no. I knew I couldn't do anything to get my family back but then that’s when my journey begun.
Straight away I sprinted to somewhere or someone. A couple of police men walked past and I said with tears rushing down my eyes “my mummy is gone.” The two blokes replied with laughter. I ran away with even more tears slowly falling down my face. By then I started to feel hungry I was searching the bins and the nearby houses asking for food they ignored me everyone ignored me. I was in an alley eating a greasy rotten apple that had a bite mark the size of a rat’s mouth. A crowd of teenagers walked past and slowly walked towards me I was up against the wall and they started to call me names I had not even heard of like rotten ratbag and other names.
The next day I started to steal food from local shops, I was next to a swamp down the road from the alley way I started eating like a pig, I didn’t even let a crumb touch the ground. The shop owner came rushing down the hill I started running, the man grabbed me and shouted “give me back the food I’m telling the police”. I threw a punch aiming strait at his face I then walked away with a big shock on my face. The days gone past have been a big experience and a big journey by then I thought I had a chance of finding my family but now I have failed my journey and could go no longer the only solution was “it is no I can’t think any more no I got it” If I tell my story they could think I am a poor little child that have been abandoned by his family.
I spread the word to all I could see, I had all the respect I had. No longer have I been living in the streets, I got sponsors that were around the world Canada. America everywhere I had tears of joy I was amazed how far the word was spread. I nearly forgot that I had a family and that’s when I figured out no matter what, everyone is my family! About ten years later I had a job as a teacher and own a big house by myself, all I have been through all my life I still cannot find my family.