Darkness; that is the last thing she falls asleep to.
In foggy dreams her mind goes wondering.
A rainbow above them paints her vision of all beautiful things;
Crisp orange leaves left behind from a chilly autumn breeze;
Deep blue ocean engulfing bright yellow sunsets;
Fields of flowers, all types of colours; red, blue and yellow.
She runs through forests, her auburn hair whipping past her;
Feet running over moss green rocks and rich brown trunks.
Her hand touches leaves as she runs; colour exploding from them.
Black panthers follow her shadow, green frogs dance with her.
Overhead are multi coloured birds; macaws, toucans and waxwings.
Her voice echoes loud against emerald mountains;
shaking free crisp white snow
She falls into the colour she has not long forgotten.
Darkness; that is the first thing she wakes up to.
Her world sent black with the flash of headlights.


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