Last Day

As I'm walking down the halls of the school trying not to be noticed, I hope that this is my last time down these halls. I'm getting closer each step I take to my locker where my school bullies stand only meters away from me. Only that I'm getting nervous i shouldn't be nervous I'm used to this everyday it's nothing new. I slow down my pace to try to avoid what's coming next. It the same old, so called game each and every day. I make it to my locker all to soon only to be threatened by the three of them.
The words seem all too familiar. Oh that's right. I Hear them every day but this will be the last they see me and I hear these horrid words about how I'm not worth it and that I was the biggest mistake to walk this earth while telling me all the things, these words seemed to have a bigger effect on me today then I thought it would I've heard it day after day.
I'm so weak I don't have any strength to stand no longer. As I fall to the hard ground sobbing.
I'm sick of crying myself to sleep every night and now I'm crying in front of my bullies who want to see me so weak crying showing that they are winning. Not only am I giving verbally abused I'm now getting abused. I'm numbing while they kick me in every place accessible to them. A huge crowd now surround me no one helping. This is only getting worse I want to be knocked unconscious so I don't have to feel the pain coming for these people or even just to get away from this reality. Maybe if they continue kicking me I might just die. Just as this could only get worse.
"STOP IT" someone yells. "Leave her alone". My vision is blurring . Only slightly seeing a figure pushing though these people. Still being laughed at for being so weak. "Who could honestly care about me" I ask myself. "Are you okay?" I’m being asked looking in his eyes when my heart races, "my crush cares about me" I think to myself again. "Are you okay?" He asks again. Lost for words I only shake my head. I'm soon getting carried away as I close my eyes.

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