Hannah And Raja In The Jungle

One day I was sitting on my moss bed thinking of where I should go in my jet. But then I saw that my bananas on my tree were ripe! So I thought that I should go up in my jet and pick some yummy ripe bananas. When I had picked some bananas, I climbed up to my hammock and ate, whilst looking at the view of the jungle. Then I went out to explore. I climbed up the branch ladder to my jet. I explored the jungle in my jet. When I passed the waterfall, I saw some tigers and leopards having a drink. In a clearing, I saw some grass snakes slithering across the ground. Then I stopped at the big palm trees to see the baby monkeys. They were so cute! After that, I picked up Raja, my pet tiger, from the waterfall. Then Raja and I went home to the tree. The next day, while Raja was having a nap at the top of the tree, I went to the big palm trees again to deliver some of the left over bananas from yesterday. Then I went to the waterfall for a swim. When I went to swim, I got to ride on a dolphin! After that I had to go back to the tree and feed Raja. When I got home, at the tree, I put Raja in the jet. When we arrived at the river I dropped him off at the ‘Bay Edge’. (The ‘Bay Edge’ is Raja’s favourite place to have a snack.) Afterwards I went home to have a rest. After a while, I took Raja home. The next day would be fun! We were going to the Jungle Cinemas! When the day arrived, Raja and I headed for the Cinemas. We were going to watch ‘The Pirate Fairy Princess’. Finally, when the movie was finished, we went home to the tree. After a good night’s sleep, Raja and I were ready for a holiday adventure!
Dear Friend,
We will be back soon. We would love it even more if you were here in the Antarctic with us.
From Hannah and Raja. (Raja is my pet tiger.)


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