I Got Lost On A Path

One day it was wet and sunny and there was a rainbow. I saw a path so I followed the path. It went to a rainbow place. There was rain, two sticks, rocks, grass and a butterfly. Then it rained harder and harder and it had wind that knocked the one tree over. I did not get wet because I was in the cubby house. I sat on the bed. I heard a smash so I looked out of the door. There was nothing wrong but I did see that the sun was not there anymore. So I went back on the bed and lay down. I went to sleep. When I woke up I saw that one tree was still down and the rain stopped and I stayed there for a month but I went home and got some foods and drinks. And I got one more seed. When I got back the place was good. Then I planted the one little seed that I brought. And I sprinkled some water on the tree. I went in the cubby house and I looked out the window and saw that it was dark. So I closed the curtain and had some dinner and went to bed. THE END