Walking With The Dinosaurs.

A boy and girl and their uncle were collecting dinosaur fossils as both of their parents had gone to Alaska to stay for a while. Their uncle found a tooth from a dinosaur mouth and the boy said
“What is it?”
“That, my friends is a tooth from a Gorgsaurus fierce lizard carnivore. Weighing 5300lbs (2400kg) with a length of 26ft (8m), it has 60 razor sharp teeth, perfect for tearing through flesh and splintering bones. His powerful legs propelling blazing speeds up to… well…. no one knows… But he is certainly way faster than you are! He is really quick like an opening can. His nose has a great sense of smell; his eyes sense objects in the distance. He has two tiny hands!”

Then the girl said
“Cool!” Then the boy said
“Isn’t it! It was almost as big as a T-Rex… But way faster! They only lived seventy billion years ago and then they just got wiped out. They were all just living together with the senseless birds blah blah blah”
Then the uncle said
“Oh ease up dino boy.”
“You’re an expert” the girl said to their uncle as they were driving off road. Then the girl said to her uncle
“How do you think he lost his tooth?” and then the uncle said
“What if he was in a huge fight with loads of other dinosaurs?” Then the girl said
“My friend Natalie, she ran into a black pole and she lost four teeth and there was blood everywhere! She must have been blindfolded for her to be brave!”
Then their uncle said
“Come on, let’s go. Are you sure you don’t want to come?”
“Oh no, I’m not really into digging up dead things.” Said the boy and then the uncle said
“Well… Stay close to the track, if you change your mind just follow the trail up.”
“Got it” said the boy. “Okay bye.”

Then a crow came and landed on the top of the truck and said
“Hey kid! Yeah you, I’m talking to you!” The boy thought it was a dream but it wasn’t only a dream.

“What’s wrong? You never heard a bird talk to you before? You think you’re pretty smart don’t you? That’s all right… I’m not offended by those things you said about my ancestors. Totally cool with it. You should see YOUR ancestors…. Three words…. U…G…Lyyyyy!
Well you know every fossil tells a story? This tooth tells one better. Go and pick it up, come on! Pick it up pick it up pick it up… Come on, it won’t bite you! I’ll be more excited when, however, we open the window to the ancient path... The vibrant world free in nature, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth and birds looked more like this. There, you see? Now we can be gone there. Well try to keep up will you?”
And then the crow said this message:
“Seventy billion years ago the skeletons paraded planet Earth… There lived a miraculous bird, that’s me Alexorvis the insectivore. To be clear, my jetsetting wings go faster…. Classification, is a drag but I am a good catcher of insects… Of course informally: with patience, you’ll probably know more than this… Hmm, now watch closely, this is a delicate operation… The story you’re about to seek quells the mind and it’s a pretty good one with mystery, adventure, the hope for love… Oh excuse me, I need a personal moment”
“Got ya” said the boy.
Then the dinosaur woke up because he was sleeping and she looked like he was about to eat Alexoris.

“By the way, this is who I was talking about. It’s the dinosaur’s mother, she’s a Pachyrhinocerous thick nosed lizard and she’s a HERBIVORE. One day, they were moving south but then a big storm came and burnt down the forest. Two of them small dinosaurs got trapped between two branches on fire. They were calling out
“Dad! Dad! Dad!” Because they were brothers. One was younger and the other one was older and bigger.

To be continued……