Halloween Party

Once upon a time there was a girl named pippy. She had two best friends named Zoey and Emily they also lived next door to each other and went to the same school. One day when pippy and her mum went shopping pippy saw a man at a stand, it was a stand for dojo notes, so she took one then he whispered its at midnight kid, pippy said ok, ill be there. So that night pippy snuck out, surprisingly her friends were there, Pippy was so happy to see her friends.That night when they were on there way home, they spotted a creepy looking old house then Emily said hey guys you want to play truth or dare, Zoey and Pippy both said ok. Emily said Pippy truth or dare? then Pippy said dare, so Emily said I dare you to go in the creepy house. Then Pippy said Zoey Emily truth or dare?, both said dare. So pippy said I dare you to go in the creepy house with me! Then Emily said ok, so they went in the creepy old house. They all didn't want to open the door so they did paper rock scissors, Zoey won but she didn't want to so she walked up and she opened the door, it creaked. It almost gave Zoey a heart attack! Then Emily and Pippy walked up to Zoey and Pippy said are you ok?, Zoey said I'm fine thanks, then they entered the creepy old house. It was black and dark and very very very very scary. They wanted to turn back but when they looked back the door suddenly shut. Pippy brought a torch she moved it around, they spotted some writing on the wall it said look in the basement!. They were scared but thy went to look. There was a truly staircase when they got to the bottom thy saw a skeleton, but Zoey said guys its plastic, phew. they heard a creek then a ding then surprise happy Halloween!Emily, pippy and Zoey looked around they saw tables of party food, balloons with faces on them and plastic monsters. Everyone had such a good time. When the friends went to school the next day everyone was talking about the party last night, and from that day Emily Pippy and Zoey were best friends forever.


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