Last Breath

Last Breaths
written by Georgia Daley
Address: 7 Chevalley loop Gordon ACT 2906
grade: 7
School: st Mary Mackillop College
Ally is a very happy, lively, enthusiastic girl or was at least until about a week ago, she stopped being lively and Happy now she's dark and hides al her feelings she builds walls and no one can break them down except for him...
there is something about him that opens her up and makes her forget for just a little while...
forget what happened, what happened to her family what happened to her life it came crashing down in a matter of seconds.
He helped build it up again and again he brakes the barriers and helps her, he heals her he makes her happy and enthusiastic.
Till that one day where she would not let anyone in at all... not even him and he can usually help but today something wasn’t right. She had closed all entrance to the outside she kept it all bottled up inside and once in a while she would burst open and scream she doesn't cry though.
Its like someone permanently pulled out her tear ducts you can see the tears only vaguely when someone really hurts her
in a matter of time he turned on her and became her bully he knows what she's been through so he knows what's going hurt and what's not going hurt
she needed an escape fast, she cut small but deep lines all over her
she would come home every day and do this she knew it wasn't right yet she still did it
over a couple of months everything stopped the bullying stopped, the hurt and pain all stopped she didn't have to worry now he had better things to do now
Then there was that day were he decided one more time and she had enough
he took her behind an old tin shed and beat her as he was doing this he looked into her eyes and saw a mixture of hurt, pain and sadness and he realised he loved her. He let her go she ran and ran home, he ran after her she ran inside to her bedroom and decided this was enough she stood on the balcony as he walked she said “I will always love you” these were her last breaths

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