Dan & The Unicorn

“Are we there yet?” whined Dan for the fortieth time.
“No!” I angrily yelled back at him.
Rustle, rustle went something in a nearby bush. We both stopped suddenly. We thought it was IT but it was only a little, fluffy rabbit, not what we were looking for.
“Why are we going on a stupid quest to find a stupid horse?” Dan yelled in my face.
“Now, now, Dan,” I said, trying to calm him down.
We had a break to get our minds off things and settled down on a mossy log.
I had chosen our activity for the day… set out on a quest to find a unicorn! It was very early in the morning because finding a unicorn takes a very long time and is very, very difficult.
As we walked along, small forest animals were running everywhere before us. I heard leaves rustling and animals chattering. Dan felt excited, but tired at the same time because we had been searching for so long.
“Can you hear that trotting noise?” whispered Dan.
Suddenly, we both heard the sound of hooves.
“Neigh,” went the trotting creature.
Was this it? Was it the magical creature we had been looking for?
Then out from behind the trees came a beautiful white unicorn with a mane and tail in brightly coloured hues of pink, yellow and blue and shiny, black hooves.
“OMG!” I squealed with happiness.
I could only wonder what would happen next… a unicorn ride, would he speak to us… I couldn’t wait to find out!