Naming Day

One cold and windy night, Mum Dad and I were watching TV. My Mum happily said ‘aaaarrr PLEASE RING THE AMBULANCE I AM GOING TO HAVE MY BABY.’ My Dad ran to the phone and rang the ambulance and the ambulance came really fast. I said ‘can I please come with you Mum?’
She said ‘no, stay home with your Father you won’t be with him too long.’ I think it is really boring staying home with my Dad. I said to Dad maybe it is a bit of fun staying home with you, because I get to do whatever I want to. When we were playing monopoly Dad got a phone call saying come to the hospital as fast as you can because Mum has had her baby. Dad and I went to the hospital super speedy.
When we got to the hospital we knew that Mum was on the second highest floor, but we forgot what number room Mum was in which is really silly! First we took the wrong set of stairs to get to the right floor, and then we forgot to ask which room my Mum was in. We finally found out where to ask where my Mum was, so the nurse took us to my mum’s room.
My dad and I asked if we could hold Sarah, my new baby sister that was just born. My mum said that I could hold her first because I had to stay home with my dad which I did not tell mum that I liked it now. By the time I had finished holding Sarah it was nearly time to go back home.
When my Mum got home from the hospital my mum said, ‘in two weeks it is going to be little cute Sarah’s naming day.’ Mum asked me if I could remind her and Dad that it is her naming day in two weeks’ time.
Two weeks later Mum and Dad forgot why the alarms went off, and I got up and said hurry up we are going to be late for Sarah’s naming day. We got ready really speedy and rushed to the hall where Sarah’s naming day was. When we got there the naming day went for hours, which is a really long time. I said it was really boring, but we got lots of sweets after dinner which was really big treat for me. Me and my family stayed healthy and lived happily ever after.

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