Holding Your Breath

Excellence Award in the 'The Write Track 2015' competition

Mouth shuts and there is breath no more,
Air is gone straight down to the core,
At the start it is easy, soon I know you’ll feel queasy,
You will want to give up but this is a contest you see.
A bead of sweat down your brow,
There is no turning back now.
Tensions in the air, lungs try in despair,
To get the air. ..the key of survival.
Time is almost up, no need to worry now,
Wipe that sweat off your brow.
Mouth is open, oxygen fills your lungs.
The feeling of the air swims around your chest
And your mind can rest, it is safe now,
You can breathe and the contest is over.
This is the feeling of holding your breath,
You are glad you didn’t face the wrath of death