Fairy Tale Land

Hi, my name is Tina. I am going to tell you about a time when I went to Fairy tale Land. It was so much fun.
It all began when I was reading a book called ‘’Fascinating Fairy Tales’. It was so boring.“I’m going to throw this book in the bin.” I told myself.
“ Tina! Time for bed!” yelled mum.
So, I put on my cosy socks and jumped into bed. My bed was as cozy as a soft cloud and I felt I could sleep for a hundred years. I saw my book, Fascinating Fairy Tales and thought that my mum just picked it up and left it on the table. And as soon as I picked it up, I was sucked into the story. When I woke up I was in the forest. I walked into the woods trying to look for help. I saw a girl standing so I decided to ask her. “Umm excuse me. But um can I just ask where is this place?” I asked nervously.
“ Yes, this is Fairy tale Island” replied the girl.” How do you get out of here?” I exclaimed.
“ You just have to go to the Fairy Tale master. The way to go there is through the forest then over the mountains then you’re there. And if you have trouble just ask.” The girl replied. I thanked her and went on. On the way I saw a cottage and decided to stop by and ask. KNOCK KNOCK!
“Hello? Is anyone here?”I asked. Then the door suddenly opened. I just helped myself and went in. I saw three bowls of porridge on the table and then I just remembered this was the three bear’s house. I quickly ran upstairs and, guess who I saw, Goldilocks! I went into the room and woke her up.
“ Are you Goldilocks?” I asked.
“ Yes! Do I know you?” she replied.
“ Yes! I mean, no. I am Tina and I was just wondering if you know where the Fairy tale Master is?” I exclaimed.
“ U mm yes.. Let me remember.. Oh yeah just go through the mountains and you’re there!” she explained.
So I went on my journey. I went over the mountains and I saw a big castle. I went in and saw a very tall man. I asked him nicely.
“Do you know where the Fairy tale Master is?”
“ I am the Fairy tale Master. Now what do you want from me?” he replied.
“ I want to go home!” I yelled. The fairy tale master was kind and let me go home. I was finally back home safe and sound.


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