A Big Seceret

A long time ago in 1922 under earth the there was a small village of people, no bigger than your thumb. The village was a city to them but not to us.
The people thought humans were very big people. They called them giants because they trampled on the sky. Well that’s what they thought. They were always hard at work in case the sky fell. In the village was a small house in the house was a room in the, room was a bed and on the bed was a boy called Tom. Tom was very friendly but was hiding a big secret. He had told now one about his secret; it was that he was friend’s whit a giant. It was the law not to talk to a giant but he didn’t care. Tom named the giant Big Bill.
Big Bill had a BIG BILL PROBLEM of his own so Big Bill stoped visiting Tom. Tom grew lonely he couldn’t stop thinking of all the fun they had together. While Tom was thinking he thought of a great idea to go visit Big Bill. Big Bill was hard at work stuck into doing the bill he didn’t hear the doorbell ring. Big Bill raced to the door because it was the first time in a very long time stars hit his head. Big Bill opened the door there was no one there he looked up then down. Then he saw him. Write beside his feet was Tom “TOM” he shouted! Finally I’ve found you. Big Bill was looking upset so Tom softly said “what’s wrong” .Big Bill said it’s the bills I have to pay by tomorrow but “you’re called Bill”. “Oh Tom!” said Big Bill. You really “CRACK ME UP” what said Tom but I’m not broken I know. “So did you come to help me or not said” Big Bill. With the bill he said but I’m so small I won’t possibly be able to help.
“Yes it will” he said. When suddenly the doorbell rang. It was someone s from the bank standing up tall with a big grin on his face. He said “THE MONEY WHERE’S THE MONEY” holding his hand out impatiently big Bill Said “please come inside”. Tom said to Big Bill in a very confused voice “what money”. “The money from the bill” Big Bill replied. Tom said “I have something way better than money, I have RUBBIES”. “RUBBIES” shouted Big Bill. I’ll raced home as fast as I can. So Tom raced home picked up the rubies rapped them in a cloth, said hi to his Mum then raced back to Big Bills house.
Big Bill said by to Tom. Tom said our secret is safe between you and me. It will always be safe between you and me.

By Isabella Bucknell


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