Fairy Sally, Luke The Elf And Spot The Dog

One frosty morning in Sassafras, Fairy Sally and Spot the Dog were waking up to the sound of the rooster. “BOO!” yelled Luke the Elf. “Who wants mushrooms and lemon drink?” asked Fairy Sally. “Woof woof!” woofed Spot. “Well, let’s have a walk instead,” suggested Fairy Sally.
As they were walking up the forest, giant people were walking up and down left and right and it was too complicated to see the Local Park. “Um… um, can you make us invisible?” asked Luke. “Sure. Alburn invisabala!” she recited. “WOOF!!!!!!” woofed Spot. As they strolled up the path, they saw Lara. “Hi Sally, hi Luke and… that’s right, Spot. I’m going to School today so goodbye.” They were now going to the Basketball Court to play three man balls. Suddenly, when they got there, a kind, short blonde girl named Hazel was the person who let them into the court, but today, a brown haired girl named Masha with ten tattoos (that Spot counted) and five bangles (that Sally counted) was looking like an eagle’s eye at Sally’s pink and lavender purple dress and Luke’s brown jumpsuit. “Ha! NO Fairies or Babies allowed! Miss Hazel is trapped!” she sneered so she used her invisibility spell and off they went.
“Now we will have to do it the hard way!” yelled Sally, but the giant basketball player stepped and bounced on fairy Sally, Luke the elf and Spot the dog.
When the players had half time break, they stared, just stared at number 99, the most supreme player on the team. “He…he just… um steps on us,” she said. “Woof” woofed Spot.
“JUST… TURN HIM INTO A CRAZY CHICKEN BAKSETBALL PLAYER!” screamed Luke. “NO!” Screamed Sally. “YES!” yelled Luke. “NOOOOOOOOOO!” said Sally. “GOOOO for it!” yelled Luke. “Okay,” said Sally. “Crazarlah Bok Bok!” she yelled. “Now the best basketball player has turned into the craziest basketball player!” explained Luke. “Aarggh!” squealed Masha. “Plan did not work,” Masha said in a robot voice. “Bok Bok Bogear!” said the chicken. “Do you want to go to Small People’s Extra Ordinary Waterfall?” asked Sally. “Not that place,” replied Luke, so instead they phoned the police to arrest Masha, saved Hazel and went to pick up Lara from school. “Guess what? Our school canteen’s chef said that today all the food was free!” Lara said.
It is now night time and it is time for Luke to go home. “Bye Sally, bye Spot. Tomorrow can we go to the snow, winter is here.” “Okay but we are having breakfast at your house.” “WOOF!” Woofed Spot. As Sally turned out the nightlight, she softly whispered to herself, “Fairy Sally, Luke the elf and Spot the dog, friends for life.”


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