There once was a mischievous girl who lived on a lush and pretty farm. She loved riding horses and mustering. Her name was Sally. She always got into trouble because she liked to play naughty tricks on her parents.

One day she crept down to the frog pond and caught five slimy, green frogs. She secretly carried them up to the house. That night she crept into her mum and dad’s room. She put two frogs under mum’s pillow and put three frogs under dad’s pillow.

The next morning, “Aaargh!” yelled Dad.
“Eeeek!” Screeched mum. The frogs had jumped onto their faces. Sally got into trouble a lot that day.

On Saturday when mum and dad went to do some fencing, Sally sneakily tip-toe-tip-toed into the office, constantly watching to see if mum and dad were coming home. She picked up the computer carefully and carried it to her room.

Later on Sally heard them coming home. Broom! – Broom! – Broom! So she quickly hid the computer. Mum and dad came in just as the phone rang. While mum was chatting on the phone, she saw that the computer was gone. She yelled, “Where is my computer?”
Sally laughingly said, “I’ve got it!” and ran to grab it.
“Thank you sally, she groaned.

Early Sunday morning Sally crept into her parent’s room again, carrying a plastic bag in her left hand. She snuck into their clothes room and shoved all the clothes into the plastic bag, and then crept out into her room. She hid the bag in her bed. Then she went back to sleep. When it was morning mum and dad woke up. Mum screamed fearlessly, “Where are my clothes?”
“I don’t know mum”, Sally said cheekily.
“Are you lying Sally?” said mum in a slow deep voice. Sally dropped her eyes apologetically and ran to return the clothes to mum.

The next day was Monday. Sally had to go to school. Last night her mum and dad tip – toe – tip - toed outside to collect some stinky, gooey, insects. Her mum hid the insects in her lunchbox and placed the lunch box into Sally’s bag.

Just like any other normal day, Sally hopped on the bus. Hours later she arrived at school. She opened up her bag and discovered all the insects dead and rotten. Everywhere! She screamed. “Eeeek!”


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