Fading Light

"Don’t do it," I say to myself, as I stare into the misty woods where no one dares to go. I’ve just seen what no little boy should ever see. Even thinking about it makes me cry. I just saw my parents die in the most horrific way. An intruder, with an axe, so sharp that just touching it could slice through you. Now, he’s looking for me, trying to kill me, but why?
I’m so fragile and delicate. My body is shaking uncontrollably but I can’t find my voice. I can’t cry or scream. Who would want to kill me? Well obviously, that man.
I make my choice. I flee to the woods, running, like I’ve never run before. Scared to death, I don’t dare to look back. Not now, not ever. I’m just a little boy who might never be seen again. The thought rushes through my mind and is gone. I’m too young to die. I love life. I love my friends and family but I can’t go back because that man will still be looking for me.
Suddenly, overwhelming grief surrounds me. I need to be with my family. They have died and so shall I!
Wait! In the distance, I see a shack and a smouldering fire. I creep over like a Ninja, stealthy and silent. If someone is there, they won’t hear me approach.
My eyes widen with surprise when I catch sight of a withered lady, crouching by the fire. The flames cast an evil look about her but what could a little old lady do? Nervously, I say, "Hello." Startled, she looks around and smiles a friendly, crooked smile. Her voice is so quiet you could hear a pin drop.
She beckons me to come inside her shack. The door slams behind me with a mighty BANG! I don’t know what to do. Should I leave and continue through the woods or stay here? Did I really have a choice?
“Can I stay with you?" I ask, hesitantly, not sure how she will respond. She nods gently and shows me a tiny bed. In my mind, I see a good person and, as the candle flickers, I sleep a relaxing, restful sleep.
I don’t usually have nightmares but tonight is different, tonight I do.
"MUM! DAD! NOOOOOO!" I scream. I see my parents die again and again and again. In terror, I wake up with sweat seeping down my face and neck. Where am I? I’m chained to a wall. I can’t see much but now I know it’s my turn. Fear is slowly strangling me and the light is fading….


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