Dancing Over Rooftops

Dancing over rooftops in a glittering sea of stars,
When the planets revealed themselves, Saturn, Mercury and Mars.
She spun to herself not a care in the world,
As she turned and she tapped and she twisted and she twirled.
And the night was hers to dance, dance, dance away
She blew kisses to the stars in the dark velvet sky,
And leapt over rooftops, a hesitant butterfly.
Her skin was as fair as the luminous moon,
And from her upturned mouth came the loveliest tune
And the night was hers to dance, dance, dance away.
When the first rays of sun streaked the awakening sky,
She faltered, then stopped, and gave a small sigh.
Like a whisper in your ear or a shadow in the light,
She vanished, no longer to grace the night.
And so the dance ended and she was gone, gone, gone, away


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