Kelly The Trapeze Artist

Once up on a time, there was a trapeze artist by the name of Kelly. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and was 19 years old. She loved trapeze. She loved animals, and she hated unicycles because they are so hard to ride!
One day she was doing her daily routine but the 82nd time she did the daily routine - because the trapeze was attached to the roof - the roof fell! Her leg got broken!
Kelly had to go to hospital. She could not do trapeze for 5 and a half months as the nurse thought! The nurse did not know for sure!
So one night, Kelly sneaked out of hospital and went on the train that goes on the Mandurah line, to see her mum. Her mum’s name was Margret. After the greeting Margret said, “What happened to you Darling?”
Kelly said, “I was doing my daily routine, but then the roof fell on me!”
“Oh baby, that must have been horrible!”
So they had a coffee together, and they talked all about the accident.
Two months later, Kelly had recovered enough to go back to work after not being able to do trapeze for so long.
She had forgotten all her tricks! So she needed to go to circus school…again! She felt disappointed that she had forgotten all her tricks.
She relearnt ‘spider’, ‘sally star’, and loads of other tricks. She loved the trapeze because of the thrill.
She found a job in Natural Wings, which is a Perth circus company. Kelly did a test performance so she could try to join the circus after weeks of practice on the static trapeze.
At the audition, she almost failed by falling, but she turned it into a front flip to get on the bar. She felt tempted to not fail.
Her body fell back, as her ankles were hooked onto the ropes. After that, she did an amazing trick, hanging from the rope with one ankle.
She did upside-down-splits with her hands holding onto the bar, then swung herself up, doing a front-flip to stand on top of the bar.
She lifted her body weight up by holding onto the ropes. Her legs wrapped around the ropes as she was in mid-air. She let go with her hands, and flung herself backwards. She hung by her legs. She felt as if her life depended on it.
The staff of Natural Wings thought that she could pass the test to work in their circus.
They said, "Well done! You have passed! There's a show next week, so we will tell you the routine and let you practice here."
Kelly said, "Oh thank you!"
She felt, "This is my dream come true…again!"


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